Family rooms have become one of the most enjoyed rooms in the home, especially when open to the kitchen which is the number one spot for hanging out. As the name implies, family rooms are the perfect place where family members can relax together and watch TV, read books, or play games. It’s a favorite gathering place where family and friends can gather and enjoy just being together. Sometimes the family room doubles as the homework room, or maybe when entertaining it’s additional space for people to sit and eat. Whether you prefer a more traditional look with barn wood and a stone fireplace or a sleek modern vibe with white walls and a little pop of color, the family room should be comfortable and inviting – the place where you want to spend most of your time at home. Some elements that we like to include are lots of glass (whether fixed panes or sliding/folding doors), coffered ceiling (could be painted all white or with wood beams), and open access to the kitchen.