We can all use a little color in our lives. But sometimes, incorporating warm colors or cool colors in our home designs can be overwhelming. Choosing the perfect color is difficult. It has to complement the design while evoking the right emotions and paralleling your personality. And on top of all that, color has to flow. Otherwise, it can be visually overpowering and create a harsh mood in your home. That’s exactly why neutral colors exist!

What are neutral colors?

gh-familyroom2Neutrals are livable, tasteful, and timeless colors that add some balance and comfort to your home design. The true definition of what exactly a neutral color is can vary, as each designer has a difference in opinion on what meets the criteria.

Traditionally, the category of neutrals colors described any colors that didn’t fall into the standard color families on the color wheel. However, throughout the years, the definition expanded beyond tradition. Today, this category generally consists of black, white, grey, beige, taupe, and any shade in between.

When to choose neutral colors.

As you know, the temperature of a color affects how we perceive it. So where do neutrals fall on the thermometer?

Technically, neutrals have no temperature, as they lack definitive color. They fall neither on the warm nor cool side of the color wheel, which allows them to add visual balance and support with no risk of creating discord. They can, of course, have warm or cool undertones which can help them convey very simple and subtle moods while complementing other palettes.

While they may not be the brightest or boldest colors out there, neutrals have tons of other advantages in home design. Here are but a few of the reasons to choose neutral colors in your home.

  • Neutral colored backdrops offer more opportunity to show your personal taste in design choices. With a bold colored backdrop, decorative elements fall to the wayside.
  • Neutrals work in any room and with any style. Whether you are traditional or modern, eclectic or minimal, neutral colors are ideal for all.
  • Calm, neutral backgrounds allow you to showcase bold textures and architectural elements that may otherwise go unnoticed.
  • Always classic neutrals will never go out of style! Year after year home design trends include neutral color schemes while bold colors come in and out of style.
  • You can create your own mood in a room using neutrals, as they don’t project any particular emotion.
  • They are ideal for those who can’t make up their mind about color choice; neutrals are less of a color commitment with more options for decorating.

While some may think neutral colors are boring or flat, the flexibility and freedom they provide makes them anything but. There’s a reason home designers have long chose neutral colors as their go-to choice. They give you endless options!

Neutrals coordinate with virtually any other color, are tasteful and timeless, and give you the freedom to add any kind of bold design elements to your space, making them the most versatile and visually expressive colors of all.

The power of a neutral color may not be noticeable on its own, but incorporate it into your home and you can watch it work its magic.