Around 136 million tons of construction and demolition waste pile up in landfills in America each year, amounting to over half of all landfill waste. The thing is, when handled properly, much of it can be revitalized and repurposed. These recycled building materials can not only save you money and reduce construction waste in landfills, but they also can add unique character to your custom home.

Salvaging Pieces of the Past

Salvaged pieces of the past give new life to old lumber, and fixtures. They offer an eccentricity and unique character that is unrivaled by modern products and materials. Repurposed materials (particularly wood) are often more durable than their modern-day counterparts.

Reclaimed wood, for example, is generally stronger, will last longer, and is very low-maintenance, ultimately saving you time and money in the long run. Throw in the sustainability, and you have a solution that’s good for the environment and your wallet.

When you repurpose building materials, you’re also making your home one-of-a-kind. Each recycled item also has a past life, bringing a nostalgic sense of history to your home. That sense of character and charm is beyond compare.

How can you use repurposed building materials?

Here are a few ways to repurpose building materials in your new home to benefit the environment, your wallet, and your home’s overall aesthetic.

  • Reclaimed wood – Recycling and reclaiming wood is perhaps the most common way to repurpose building materials. It can be used in a ton of different ways, like distressed furniture, cabinets, wall paneling, beams, or even flooring.
  • Doors and windows – Upcycle old windows and doors by using them as vintage architectural design details, or converting them into unique furniture pieces.
  • Light fixtures – Give old light fixtures a better home than a landfill by upcycling them to use in your new home. Not all parts of light fixtures are recyclable, so you’ll truly be doing the environment a favor.
  • Bathroom and kitchen fixtures – Secondhand bathroom and kitchen sinks and tubs can give your home a very retro vibe. Even using recycled materials like copper and concrete to build bathroom and kitchen fixtures can create character while helping the environment.
  • Flooring – Repurposed flooring materials can be just as aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and durable as their more modern counterparts. Using these recycled flooring materials can also help improve indoor air quality!

To effective repurpose building materials in your new home, talk to the professional custom home builders at Sandy Spring. We’ll make it easier than ever to recycle building materials and build the custom home of your dreams. Contact us now to tell us your ideas, and check out below some of the ways we’ve used recycled materials in our client’s new homes!