An old trend from the pre-World War II era is on the rise, and it’s changing the way families design their homes. While it is more a lifestyle trend than a design trend, it greatly influences the custom home and remodeling industry. The trend is multi-generational living, or to put it simply, several generations of one family living under the same roof. Custom home builders are responding to the rising trend by developing multi-generational homes that specifically divide the living space amongst the generations.

Why are multi-generational homes on the rise?

Ten years ago, multi-generational households were down to 2.6%. When the economy imploded during the Great Recession, this percent grew to about 3.3%, and remains high today with some 50 million Americans living in multi-generational homes. There are many factors influencing this growth, though it’s likely driven by the increasing number of college grads returning home while they search for employment (which often takes years). Other social and demographic changes are contributing to this growth, like the cost of renting an apartment or raising a child, or the desire to keep aging family members close rather than in nursing homes or assisted living.

Why They Work

Many homes built over the last 50+ years were not designed to accommodate more than one generation. They didn’t have the necessary space and privacy, causing frustration and uncomfortable living arrangements. Essentially, single-family homes are not suitable for several generations of family. But, with the continued rise of multi-generational living, custom home builders have designed specific floorplans to suit the trend.

Multi-generational houses typically feature several master suites, private bathrooms, flexible additional spaces, and often even a separate entrance for each section of the home. Each generation is brought together in a central living area that the entire family can enjoy comfortably. It’s a lifestyle and a financial solution. Family members are able to live cooperatively, develop stronger bonds, and save money, while still having their own space and peace of mind.

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