Tech-savvy homes are no longer a rarity in the custom home design market. These days, smart home technology is skyrocketing to widespread acceptance. While it was originally expected to be mainstream by the year 2020, studies show that the estimate may have been off by a few years. The time for smart home features is now.

In a survey of over 4,000 Americans, nearly half (about 45%) said they either own or plan to own smart home technology in 2016. Strangely enough, it’s not just the highly tech-savvy folks that comprise this 45%. About a third of these tech trend adapters don’t even consider themselves very tech-savvy. Over half (54%) of the survey group also said they’d purchase or install smart home products if they planned on selling and knew it would help their homes sell faster. About 65% of those individuals would even pay over $1,500 to do so.

What is smart home technology?

For Americans, the most popular smart home features are entertainment-based, followed by security systems and thermostats. Entertainment seems to be the entry-point to a smart home, with smart TVs and speaker systems. About 44% of people with smart features in their home have smart entertainment products. About 31% have smart security installed, and 30% have smart temperature.

Most Americans think a home can be considered “smart” when it has smart security locks and alarm systems (63%), thermostats and fans for smart temperature (63%), lighting systems (58%), and smart safety features like carbon monoxide detectors (56%). Over three-quarters of people also only consider homes “smart” if they have more than one smart feature.

Who uses smart home features?

It’s not just the young, rich, and tech-savvy taking advantage of smart technology in their homes. Smart homes see no distinct categories of people. About 40% of homeowners over age 65 currently have smart temperature products, while only 25% of those 18-34 do. Also, those with income between $50k and $75k are adopting home technology at the same rate as those making between $75k and $100k. Regardless of age, income, or technical proficiency, about 70% of people say they’ll buy more. Smart home technology is an addiction already, which is why it has become a staple in custom home design trends.

It’s unlikely this trend will cease any time soon. Expect to see these numbers skyrocket within the coming year, and continue to grow for years to come. If you’re interested in incorporating these tech trends in your custom home design, your local MD custom home builder would love to help. Tell Sandy Spring Builders about your project today!