The threat of ice damming on your home is undeniably high with the recent massive amount of snowfall in Maryland. The accumulation of snow on your roof may make a beautiful winter scene, but it’s actually more harmful than it appears. Ice dams in gutters and on rooftops obstruct the melting snow from flowing freely. This can cause water to back up behind the dam and potentially lead to exterior and interior home damage.

Many homeowners are completely unaware of any ice damming until the damage has already been done. It’s imperative to understand how ice dams form and how you can prevent them. There’s no reason to risk snow and ice damage to your luxury home this winter!

Ice dams typically form when heavy snow repeatedly melts, then refreezes at the edges of the roof. With the fluctuating and unpredictable Maryland weather, we tend to see this often. Over time, the constant freeze and thaw effect creates a barrier of ice, or an ice dam. When water accumulates behind the dam, it has no place to go except into your home. Fortunately, ice damming is preventable! Here are few measures you can take as homeowners to avoid ice damage.

  • Remove snow accumulation from your roof immediately after storms. Just make sure to remove it gently, taking care not to damage the shingles.
  • Insulate your roof and attic properly and extensively to prevent interior heat from warming the roof and melting snow.
  • Seal and insulate ceilings in your home significantly to avoid warm air and moisture from leaking into the attic and creating warm spots.

After the recent record snowfall in Maryland, and the oscillating temperatures, ice damming is likely to occur. If your home was left vulnerable to winter storm damage, take action as soon as you can. Walk around your house and look for possible areas where water may infiltrate from the freeze and thaw effect.

Contact your local custom home builders at Sandy Spring Builders to see if we can help facilitate repairs. Remember, ice damming is not a warranted item. Be sure to call your insurance company to file a claim ASAP!