Eco friendly homes are going mainstream. The growing compassion for the environment has sparked a need and desire for greener, more energy efficient home building practices. Green building, in a nutshell,  is using healthy, sustainable, and resource-efficient practices throughout the building life-cycle. One way this is achieved is through the use of sustainable building materials.

What are sustainable building materials?

Sustainable materials are usually reused, recycled, or made from renewable resources. These materials are safe and eco-friendly, even years after their production. They are often more expensive than traditional building materials, but are truly long-term investments in the preservation of the environment.

Sustainable building materials are characterized by having one of the following traits: non-toxic, recycled content, resource efficiency, long life cycle, or eco-conscious. Those that have more of these characteristics than others are consider “greener.” Some green materials commonly used in homes are reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork, recycled steel, FSC wood, concrete, or linoleum.

What are the benefits of using sustainable building materials?

An eco-friendly home is only as green as its components and materials. Using sustainable elements in your custom home design helps you conserve energy and money, preserve the world’s resources, and reduce your overall carbon footprint. Other benefits may include:

  • Keeping valuable resources from piling up in a landfill
  • Improving your home’s resale value and speed of sale.
  • Creating a healthier and more comfortable environment to live in.
  • Improving your overall indoor air quality, since sustainably-built custom homes emit few, if any, toxins into the air.

Using eco home materials is just the start of having a truly green living space. Nearly half all energy produced in the U.S. is consumed by buildings. Do your part to reduce this percentage by incorporating green materials in your custom home design. Ask your custom home builders in Maryland how you can create an eco friendly home.

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