There’s nothing quite like gathering in front of a fire with friends or family on a chilly night. The warmth and light that a fireplace can bring to your home adds a cozy ambiance to any room. No matter the style of your home, there are countless fireplace designs that will suit your needs, but there are many things to consider to ensure it complements your home and lifestyle seamlessly.

When choosing a fireplace for your home, you must first consider the purpose it will serve for you and your family and how frequently you anticipate using it. This will help you determine the basics: wood burning or gas.

Sandy Spring Builders Fireplace

If you picture your fireplace as a warm and cozy space to gather, or if you look forward to filling your home with that wood-burning smell and fresh crackling sound, you may want to explore wood burning options. The most obvious benefit to a wood burning fireplace is getting the full experience of a fire – smells, sounds, warmth, and satisfaction. However, a wood burning fireplace requires building a chimney which can be costly, in addition to maintenance such as ash removal and purchasing and storing wood.

On the other hand, fireplaces can serve as gorgeous decorative additions to brighten up or add a splash of romance to a room, without requiring much maintenance or the installation of a chimney. Gas fireplaces turn on and off with the flip of a switch, are sleek and aesthetically pleasing, and can be installed in many places such as bedrooms or the center of a room.

Once you’ve selected a type, you can choose a design, materials, and mantel that best fits with the style of your home. Consider whether your home style is traditional, modern, transitional, eclectic, rustic, etc. and try out materials that are used on other surfaces throughout the room. Below are a few examples of fireplaces that each add a beautiful and unique touch to Sandy Spring Builders custom homes.

Traditional home | Granite surround and hearth, herringbone pattern firebox, custom wood mantle and built-ins
Traditional home | Precast concrete fireplace surround
Contemporary home | Concrete panel surround, linear corner fireplace
Transitional home | Floor-to-ceiling stone surround and hearth, wood mantle
Rustic timber-framed home | Stone fireplace surround, see-through traditional fireplace