Though it may not seem like it, spring has arrived. That means we have so much to look forward to: flowers blooming, sunny days, and Spring Break! Family vacations are incredibly popular during the first blooms of spring. While daydreaming and counting down the days until your trip to the beach might be tempting, you might want to shift your focus to something more productive, like how you’ll secure your home while you’re away.

Here are some essential tips to keep your home safe and secure while you’re away on vacation.

Hide your valuables.

Chances are you won’t be bringing your most valuable possessions with you on your trip, so you want to make sure they’re safe inside your home. While you will, of course, secure the physical premises of your home, you should also have a plan in place in the case of a break in — you just never know. Be sure to store your expensive and sentimental items in a safe before you leave (preferably one that cannot be removed).

Pretend somebody’s home.

Don’t post a sign saying you’ll be out of town; make it seem like business-as-usual at your home. That way, it won’t be susceptible to burglary. Here are some things you can do.

  • Set timers on lamps around the house and program them to turn on around the times you’d normally use them. Smart lighting, which can be controlled remotely, is also a great option.
  • It may be tempting to shut all of your curtains and blinds before you head out of town, but it’s smarter to leave them in their normal state. Just ensure all your doors and windows are shut and locked.
  • Leave a car parked in the driveway, if possible, to make it seem as if someone’s home.
  • Steer clear of posting anything on social media announcing how long you’ll be gone, when you’re coming back, etc.

Enlist some help.

A little help never hurt anyone. One of the best ways of keeping your home secure while you’re away is to ask someone you trust to keep an eye on it. Tell a neighbor your plans and ask them to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior. Ask a friend or family member to collect your mail, water the plants, watch your pets, etc. while you’re away.


Pull the plug.

Be sure to unplug any appliances that won’t be used while you’re gone — i.e. the toaster, the television, the computer. This will protect them from power surges, protect your home from electrical fires, and save some power while you’re away.

Keep up lawn care and landscaping.

Maintain your landscaping service while you’re away. A messy lawn, a snow-covered driveway, or fallen branches are all a tell-tale sign nobody’s home.

If you do all these things, but still have that sinking feeling in your gut, install a top notch security system — with cameras. Smart home systems now allow you to access your home via your mobile device. You can keep an eye on things at home, even while you’re away. Then, you can enjoy your vacation without worry. Happy Spring Break!