Each homebuyer dreams of a house that is as unique and intriguing as they are. However, there are certain home design trends and features that appear often on the wish lists of many homebuyers. If you close your eyes and imagine the ideal features of your dream home, chances are you’ll find yourself imagining at least one of these 10.


  • Open floor plan. Gone are the days when closed-doors and walled-off rooms were the norm. Instead, bright, airy living spaces have become a staple in custom home design. 
  • Separate laundry room.  A stand-alone laundry room with cabinets, sinks, ironing space, etc. has moved up on the list of essential house features for homebuyers. It’s a simple idea that keeps the laundry clutter out of the living space.


  • Exterior lighting. Outdoor lighting has become a popular and necessary home feature as the importance of curb appeal has gained prominence. A well-lit home showcases its aesthetic and creates a warm, welcoming, and safe atmosphere.
  • Smart storage. An ample amount of built-in storage space has become high priority on homebuyers lists. With the fast-moving lifestyle of most society today, staying organized is a must. Built-in smart storage spaces allow homeowners to stay organized without much hassle.
  • First-floor master suite. Many homeowners want their own private space, away from the chaos of the kids. And, as they age, they find first-floor master suites more accommodating. These contributing factors have led to the growing trend of first-floor master bedrooms.
  • App-driven technology. As technology advances, buyers want the most practical technical advances included in their homes. This often translates to app-driven technology that controls lights, HVAC, security, home temperatures, and more.


  • Standout entryways. As the importance of curb appeal grows, standout home entryways are a must. The front door is a nearly effortless way to boost perceived home value, improve overall aesthetic, and set homes apart from others.
  • Walk-in pantry. As stated previously, smart storage is extremely important to homebuyers. Kitchen storage in particular. Walk-in pantries with built-in organization systems allow homeowners to stash items out of sight and keep their kitchen atmosphere clean and clutterless.
  • Outdoor living space. Simple backyards are a thing of the past. Homebuyers today want extravagant outdoor living spaces for their family and guests to enjoy. These outdoor spaces can include anything from landscaped decks and patios, to covered outdoor living rooms, kitchens, or bars.
  • Energy efficiency. More and more people are in-tune with energy saving and environmentally friendly living. A major house feature homebuyers desire is energy efficiency. This includes Energy Star-rated windows and appliances, programmable thermostats, natural and sustainable building materials, low-water usage landscaping, etc. The green home design trends are truly topping the charts.

Homeowners today are not as interested in aesthetic quirks and embellishments as they once were. The top house features and latest design trends homebuyers seek in 2016 are all about convenience, comfort, safety, and energy efficiency. If you’re interested in incorporating these custom home design trends in your home, contact Sandy Spring Builders, your favorite custom home builder in MD! Custom home builders can truly turn your “dream” home into a reality. Call us today to get started!