The humble laundry room is evolving into a much more polished, luxurious space. These rooms are no longer reserved to just washing clothes; they’re multifunctional utility spaces with elegance and purpose. Changing demographics, busier lifestyles, and too much stuff are all factors in this laundry room shift.

Families want more storage, built-in convenience, and spaces that serve more than one purpose. A luxury laundry room covers all three, and works harder and smarter for your lifestyle. Here are 3 ideas for your next laundry room project.

1. Smart Storage

A luxury laundry room should put emphasis on smart storage. It’s more than just adding some cabinets. It’s using your lifestyle to incorporate storage solutions that fit your needs, like benches with built-in shoe storage, locker cabinets for sports equipment, bookbag hooks and coat racks, etc.

2. Amenities

Aside from storage, a luxury laundry space should accommodate specialized amenities to fit your lifestyle. You’ll definitely need workstations for doing the actual laundry, like a place to organize dirty or clean clothes and a folding surface. But you can incorporate all kinds of other amenities as well, like gardening and home canning, crafting, sewing, gift wrapping, a home office, or even a pet grooming station. Just be sure to include adequate lighting for whichever amenity you choose.

3. Livability

Above all, your luxury laundry room should accommodate the way you actually live. For some, that means making a clothes-washing space on the main level of their home. For others, it may be in the entryway, or on the second floor by their bedroom. Do you like to do your laundry while you work? Maybe combine your home office with your laundry room. Or maybe you need a flat surface for all your crafting. Include extra counter space. Whatever you need to make your home more livable, try combining it with the multi-functionality of your brand new luxury laundry room.