Remodeling your home is an exciting and yes, time-consuming feat. Regardless of whether you’re doing a bathroom touch-up, a whole house makeover, or a full-on gutting of your entire home, there’s going to be some time involved. And we all know time is money. So, understanding how time factors into your remodeling equation is a vital part of your planning. Some items or phases of your home renovation involve a bigger time frame than others. Here are the top three things that tend to take the longest during a remodel.


1. Custom Cabinetry (or custom anything)

Kitchen 6Custom cabinets are a mega luxury. Not only are they expensive, but they’re also a major time sucker. Think about it: custom cabinetry is made from scratch. The building and design procedures, when done correctly, typically take some time. After all, you can specify literally everything about them. If you choose materials that are harder to obtain, you need to allot for even more time on your schedule. Then, of course, there’s installation. The whole endeavor is pretty tedious. Customized pieces are always going to take some extra time, but in the long run, it’s worth it to have something designed to fit you and your home. But recognize that stock cabinetry can be made to work in almost any space, and is far less expensive.


2. Basement Renovations

You’d think with how often you hear of people doing Finished Basement 4basement remodels that they’re fairly quick. Nope! A basement remodel is probably the longest remodeling project there is. On average, basement remodeling takes about 8.5 weeks. You have to consider waterproofing, plumbing, sometimes drywall and floors, etc. In some cases there may be foundation work required, which can lengthen the project to as long as 16 weeks. Yikes.


3. Made-to-order Windows or Doors

ArchesReplacing your old windows with new and improved energy-efficient versions can help insulate your house, help your HVAC system work better, and of course, save energy and money. Replacing your windows to fit in the existing opening can often mean ordering customized or specialty-sized windows. This can—you guessed it!—add extra time to your schedule.

While definitely worthwhile, remodeling your home can be a tedious task. Be sure to consider all details, including the allotted time for each project, prior to pursuing the renovation. The better prepared you are for the endeavor, the smoother it will go. Plus, it will make the end result feel like a dream come true.