Deciding on a color scheme is arguably the most difficult part of decorating your home. You do laps and laps around the color wheel, and often end up settling for basic neutrals. If you constantly find yourself paralyzed by possibilities, why not opt for classic colors that are simple, stunning, and almost impossible to mess up.

Whether you favor neutrals or neons, you can’t go wrong with the top 8 home decorating colors. Use this foolproof color guide for rooms that feel original, yet timeless.

1. Gray

While gray was trendy for awhile, it’s now a staple in home decor. With such a wide spectrum of shades, you can bring the drama with deep grays or create a calm, relaxing space with bright or foggy hues.

Pair it with: Yellow

When you think about it, gray and yellow are practically opposites. Gray represents cloudy skies and fog while yellow represents the sunshine. That’s what makes them complement each other so perfectly. Gray calms yellow, while yellow brightens up gray; a match made in heaven.


2. Red

Bring in the boldest hue of them all: red. It works especially well for accent walls or furniture pieces. Go beyond the classic scarlet shades and try deep burgundys, bold berrys, and rich wines or garnets.

Pair it with: Beige

Red and beige are natural partners in crime as one is vivid and the other is reserved, yet both share warm, welcoming undertones. The combination creates a striking, yet soft space.


3. Green

The color of nature works wonderfully in your home. It’s lively and refreshing, representing growth and renewal in your home and life. Green hues can work in most any room in your home. Try a soft green for a bedroom or bathroom for some seriously soothing vibes, or a vibrant green for your living room or kitchen for a boost in energy.

Pair it with: Navy

If you’re not trying to go too chroma crazy, but love splashing some color on your space, pair your green with a navy blue shade. They blend and harmonize especially well since they are adjacent on the color wheel.


4. Blue

Blue is classic, soothing, subdued, striking, and totally can transform your space. Practically any shade of blue works in any room, which is why it’s so popular in home design.

Pair it with: Orange

It might sound crazy, but since orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel, they perfectly fit together. You can go all out with a vibrant tangerine and cobalt or turquoise, or take it down a notch and use a soft coral with a pale aquamarine. Whether you prefer bright and bold or quiet and subdued, there’s a blend of blue and orange that will work splendidly.


5. White

White doesn’t have to be boring. When you use it right, it can really make a statement with its sophisticated, yet striking appeal.

Pair it with: Black

It goes without saying that nothing is as classic, dramatic, and extravagant as the black and white combo. It’s a 100% foolproof collaboration in any room, in any amount. Plus, you can mix in accents of any other color to complete the palette.


6. Brown

It’s hard to go wrong with a solid shade of brown. Use lighter beige hues to sooth a space and dark chocolates to add some drama.

Pair it with: Purple

It might seem like an odd combination, but brown and pale purple really complement one another. Chalky purples look best against deep brown and really make for a dramatic, yet regal room.


7. Yellow

Yellow is the bringer of happiness. It’s bright, sunshiny vibe instantly makes people smile, so it’s a great color to incorporate in your foyer, living room, or kitchen—those rooms where you do the most entertaining.

Pair it with: Blue

As primary colors, both yellow and blue share that uncomplicated, basic quality that keeps them in sync as a perfect pair. It’s hard to find two shades of either one of these colors that don’t work together. Stay traditional with basic shades, or swing into modern/contemporary territory with patterns or off-the-wall hues.


8. Pink

You might think of pink as the color of choice for baby girl’s rooms, but this cheerful hue can actually feel very grown up and sophisticated. What’s more, it’s finally losing those gendered connotations. The color has more power than ever and is the perfect mood-enhancing shade for many rooms in your home.

Pair it with: Green

Pink and green are a perennially perfect pair. They parallel the shades of nature: pink flowers on green stems! Try deeper pink, like magenta, if you want to add some sophistication and opt for watermelon or punch for a eclectic, modern take.

Choosing a color scheme for the rooms in your home doesn’t have to be as hard as you’re making it! These classic shades are foolproof and work wondrously throughout your humble abode. So, grab some swatches and let the color wheel work its magic.