Today’s home buyers are demanding more storage and organization. In fact, studies indicate that walk-in closets are a top priority and a commonly used selling point. Once a rare luxury, walk-in closets are now a near necessity in the master bedroom.  Cramming all your clothes into a shallow closet with no shelves now seems so primitive.

One feature that homeowners benefit from in a walk-in closet is a dressing island. It provides additional storage (shelves or drawers below), and the top is great for setting things on while dressing. The key to a functional walk-in closet is having adequate storage space and organizing the space to meet the needs of your clothes – taller shelf space for cowboy boots; small shelving for accessories such as shoes, hats and purses; and the right amount of high hanging for dresses and slacks, and high/low for shirts and skirts.

Take a look at some of the beautiful walk-in closets we’ve built for our clients.

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