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Tasteful Transitions in Flooring

When looking to create an interesting or dramatic effect between rooms, using different flooring material can provide just the right [...]

Beautiful Craftsman Touches

Craftsman style homes are part of what was called the Arts and Crafts movement. They were a statement against more [...]

Using Fun Colors to Brighten up Your Home

For those of you who are tired of boring beige, let a little color into your home. Whether you go [...]

Functional Multi-Purpose Rooms

Decades ago, the den was a room where everyone could be together and watch TV or play games. That was [...]

Award Winning Shingle-Style Home in Bannockburn Heights, Bethesda

2018 MBIA Gold Award Winner | Custom Home 7,500-12,500 Sq. Feet This beautiful shingle-style house was custom-designed to fit [...]

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